la demeure d'un ciel
RP Hooks

Passion Product: Looking for help with making something special, for yourself or someone else? Kiona has a talent for making anything and everything she sets her mind to... in exchange for goods or services, of course. She is not averse to bartering!

Mellow Melodies: She may be no Mih Khetto, but Kiona can play a tune for anyone who will listen. She has played venues and bars in the past and considers it her favorite side hustle. If you're looking for a bard for hire, she's your girl!

Meager Medic: Kiona dropped out of her conjuring studies years ago, but by no means has she forgotten what she was taught. She will eagerly help anyone in need of medical assistance, sometimes at her own peril if the situation is dire.

Tourist Trap: You can easily pique Kiona's interest with promises of local oddities, customs, and culture. She is mostly ignorant to how the world works outside of her clan and wants nothing more than to see something new.
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