la demeure d'un ciel

Name: Kiona Kharis
Race: Viera / Veena
Gender: Female (she/her)
Age: 29
Nameday: 4th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Height: 5'10"
Sexuality: Lesbian
Status: Single

A chronic wanderer, Kiona is outwardly curious and is always looking for new sights and experiences. Coming from a sheltered upbringing where her clan considered her a runt and her mothers did their best to keep her from the dangers of the outside world, she has always had a thirst for staking out on her own.

Kiona is polite and friendly to most people she meets, but struggles to form bonds beyond that of a casual acquaintance due to her flighty nature. It isn't for lack of desire for companionship, but personal insecurities that keep her from opening up ("I'm just a boring girl from the woods with no stories, nobody really wants me to stick around.") Anyone who knows her well can tell you she's much more mischievous and playful than she lets on.

Beyond her wanderlust, Kiona is passionate about creating things with her hands. Anything between clothing, jewelry, alchemy, woodworking, and even music. This is especially true if she is creating something for someone else - she will pour her heart and soul into making anything of quality if it was specially requested of her.

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